Packing Tips for different Types of Household Goods

Packing tips for different types of household goods

Dishes, china, glasses and various kitchen appliances

Packing is much more convenient, and less tiring when you have a good work area. It is suggested that you clear the kitchen table and do your packing on the table.

Before packing your dishes, make sure your boxes are prepared. Cushion the bottom, sides and corners of each carton with wadded packing paper, old linens or towels.
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Pack them in such a way so that they won’t bang against each other. Put plenty of Styrofoam or crunched up newspaper in the voids and cavities in the box when packing. You can also use dish/glass dividers (also known as cell packs).

You will need plenty of packing paper for your dishes, glasses and other breakables. A mover will usually have all packing materials on the day of the pickup. However, if you want to pack all your items yourself you can either request the moving company representative to deliver it prior to the move date, or you can order it from internet or any other source.
Wrap each plate individually. Stack the wrapped plates in a bundle and rewrap the bundle with more paper.
When packing, never stack dishes flat. Pack dishes, saucers and platters on their edge.
Nestle your pots, pans, colanders. Cushion between each piece with packing paper.
Remove lids from jars and ceramics. Wrap each separately.
When packing your kitchen appliances like blenders and toasters, make sure they are clean. Cushion the bottom of the box. Use bubble wrap to pad the appliances all around and on top. Use medium sized carton, and mark it “Kitchen Appliances”.
Mark your boxes “Fragile – Dishware”, or “Fragile – Glassware”
When packing boxed food, such as cereals, seal with your plastic tape those boxes which have been opened. No need to wrap such items in packing paper. Note: If your shipment is going into storage then you should dispose of boxed foods. These items can attract rodents and insects.
When packing spices make sure all cans are closed and won’t leak. If in doubt, seal them with tape.

Mirrors, artwork and lamps

To pack mirrors, frames and pictures you will need: tape, blank newsprint, bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, and flat boxes. Make sure you pack your pictures yourself.

Place tape across the front of the mirror like an “X” to keep the pieces in place in case the glass breaks.
Wrap your mirror in bubble wrap or blank newsprint with cardboard taped around them. Fill loose spaces with lightly wadded paper. Mark the box “Fragile – Mirror” san antonio movers
When packing a framed prints, paintings framed with glass, or canvas:
Wrap your framed prints individually in blank newsprint, tape cardboard around them or wrap them with bubble wrap.
Cover a canvas with bubble wrap, and then tape it.
Paintings framed with glass should be taped across the front like an “X”.
Put your framed prints in flat fitted boxes. Fill in the spaces in the box with wadded paper in case the items fit loosely.
If you build a box for your painting, to get the right size make sure that it is slightly larger that the painting itself.
It is better if you pack your painting in 2 boxes, cushioned with bubble wrap in the space between boxes. Obviously, the second box should be larger that the first one.
When you are done with boxing your paintings do not forget to mark them “Fragile – Art”
Small pictures can be wrapped with bubble wrap and boxed with other items.

When packing a sculpture:

Wrap it carefully with bubble wrap.
Place it right in the center of the box. The box has to be at least one-third larger than the size of the sculpture with bubble wrap. It must not touch the sides of the box. Fill in all around the sculpture with Styrofoam peanuts.
When you are done with boxing your sculptures do not forget to mark them “Fragile – Sculpture”
You will need large carton to pack your tall floor lamp.
Make sure you remove lampshades and bulbs before packing your lamp.
You can put 2 or 3 lampshades in one box, by nesting them. Protect from each other your lampshades from each other by placing blank packing paper in between, do not use newspaper.
Remove the cord, if possible, or just wrap it around the base of the lamp.
Put some wadded-up packing paper on the bottom of the carton, to insure protection for your lamp.
Put several sheets of packing paper together and wrap your lamp with it. Use tape to prevent paper from coming apart.
Put your lamp in the center of the carton. Fill the empty space in the carton with wadded packing paper or with bubble wrap.
Do not pack anything together with your lamps and shades.
Don’t forget to mark your lamp carton “Fragile – Lamp”
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